July 14, 2024


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Nollywood actress, Eno Udo  savors motherhood

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For Nollywood fast rising actress, Eno Udo, the joy of motherhood cannot be quantify as she is still basking in euphoria of her new status as a mother.

The actor cum event planner and caterer spoke with AJIBADE ALABI in a chance meeting in Lagos Island where she spoke on many issues.


We learnt you went on nine months course, can you tell us about this?

(Laughter) Why are you pulling my legs Mr. Alabi, it is not an academy course. It’s about motherhood. And I thank God for everything.

Oh really


Wish to elaborate on It? 

The course was an interesting one. I have experienced what I have never experienced before. Although it was not easy getting used to it, but I am glad I was able to scale through.

What was the result a boy or a girl?

A bouncing baby girl,  Her names are Sarah Oluwadarasimi Temitope.

Do you feel disappointed about having a baby girl?

Why should I? I am more than excited about the sex of the baby. I now have a partner in my beautiful daughter.

Going down memory lane, do you anticipate being a mother at this stage and time of last year?

I never did, but I believe God knows best. It took me by surprise, but today I am smilling. The joy is endless.

When is Eno going back to location?

Very, very soon.

How has the support been from your association?

They have been very caring; they cherish my baby and cannot wait to have me back in the industry.

Do you see the baby taken after your profession?

Seriously speaking, I just want her to do what she is comfortable with. If she decides to come to the entertainment industry when she grow, then I will be more than pleased to support her too.

On a lighter mood when should we expect you to go for another nine month course?

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Mr. Alabi, you don’t even pity me. Not now. But soon anyway.

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