July 18, 2024


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14-year-old girl requires N2m for knee surgery

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Mojisola Lawal
It is always the dream of every child to be successful and live a worthy life. But sadly, Pelumi Kolawole’s hope to live her dreams and enjoy the best in life actually hang in the balance.
The most  painful aspect of her story is that for over five  years now, the little girl could not walk properly, and whenever she tries to be on her feet, she tottles.
14-year-old Pelumi is presently in pain. Her condition could even be worse unless there’s an urgent intervention from well-meaning Nigerians.
The little girl looks dejected, even as her dream seems shattered by her present condition.The teenager daily loses her voice like a dying candle. She spoke in hush tone, making it difficult for the reporter to hear her properly.
But deep down, her agony was evident and overwhelming that everyone could see and feel the excruciating pain she is going through at the moment.
The story of little, brilliant Pelumi was pathetic because she wasn’t born like that. Her sad story began at the age of ten when she had Measles that later confined her to a wheelchair. This unexpected sickness nearly killed her because she was in coma for over three weeks at the intensive care unit of Saint Mary private hospital, Ikotun, Lagos.
This prolonged trauma dealt a big blow on her, she couldn’t talk for more than three months, she had to be fed like a baby,just as she had  also lost her weight and senses. All these, according to the mother, took a huge toll on the fortunes of the family.
It was in the midst of all these predicaments that the little girl lost her father and the responsibilities to take care of the family naturally rested on the shoulders of  her mother, a petty trader, who is now appealing to Nigerians for help.
“All my life, I have never enjoyed anything special in life, I grew up in life with lots of hope and dreams until I found myself in this condition and it is still affecting me till date. I want to go to school because since the beginning of my sickness, I couldn’t do anything on my own, I depend largely on my mother and my elder brother for my daily care and upkeep. That is why I am appealing to kind-hearted Nigerians to help me out and rescue me before it is too late”,she  agonised.
The mother, Mrs. Kolawole , spoke about the various difficulties she  encountered while taking care of her baby in the last  five years.
 She added that the girl’s pathetic condition had made life miserable for the family  because she could not leave her alone. “I am always with her, and whenever I go out, the elder brother must be around to take care of her. Apart from that, Pelumi is very brilliant, except for her inability to walk, she is very intelligent”
” She is ready to learn and God willing, I know she will achieve her dreams of becoming a great person in life” .The mother said the report of the doctor handling her case indicated that she will undergo a surgery at the National Orthopaedic  Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos, to correct the abnormalities”
“The doctor was specific, and from his reports, he said Pelumi had a deformed kneel (bent kneel) and that we will need the sum of two million naira only (N2,000000) for the surgery for her to walk perfectly on her feet. As a petty trader, it is very  difficult to raise such amount of money for the surgery, that is why I am appealing to Nigerians to restore my hope in building the future for Pelumi”, she said.
Kind – hearted Nigerians that are interested in keeping  Pelumi’s  hope alive, and also help him to get back on her feet can easily send their kind donations to Polaris bank account number:3027914126, with the name:Kolawole Zaynab Jolaade
Meanwhile, Mrs. Kolawole could also be reached on:08187737768
” I am begging Nigerians to save me from this ailment. Whatever you can give to restore my hope and life will definitely help in alleviating my chronic pain and sufferings. I want to live my dreams and I look up to God for the grace to scale through life’s hurdles,” the little girl lamented

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