July 10, 2024


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Fix Electricity And Nigerian Youths Will Be Productively Engaged

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By High Chief Kehinde Kalejaiye

I condole with the victims of Tuesday, 20th of October 2020 shooting by some yet to be identified soldiers at the Lekki Toll gate in Lagos.

Sincerely, I am dampened with the loss of lives and the extent of destruction to private properties and public infrastructure by some hoodlums who hijacked the peaceful #EndSARS protest to loot, kill and maim innocent Nigerians.

Let me also join my voice to the call for justice for vibrant Nigerian protesters that were injured and fell by the bullets of soldiers and policemen during the peaceful protest.

I am therefore using this opportunity to appeal to the Federal and State government to investigate and bring to justice those that are responsible for the killings of these young and vibrant protesters and compensate victims accordingly.
May God grant all departed souls eternal rest, amen.

Mr President, permit me to say that we have never had it so rough and tough in the country in terms of economic stagnation, poverty, youth unemployment and restiveness.

Nigeria’s economic is bleeding and every sector of the economy needs an urgent intervention.

It is however unfortunate that the teeming youth population are at the receiving end of the hardship and failures of successive government in the country since 1999.

Nigerian youths are angry and frustrated. They are unemployed and homeless. The artisans among them are unable to work due to absence of constant electricity just as young Nigerian graduates after years of studies at the tertiary institutions ended up being Okada riders and commercial bus drivers.
What is the way out of this? Nigerians need constant electricity supply!

We need electricity for almost all human activities. We need electricity for the economy to perform optimally and industries to be actively productive.

Every barber, Vulcanizer, Hairdresser, Welder, Small and Medium Scale business need constant electricity to thrive.

But hope is not lost for Nigerians. It will be well with Nigeria’s economy if the government can fix the electricity as the youths of Nigeria will be actively and productively engaged if there is constant electricity supply.

The amount of money we spend on running our power generators could be channelled into other productive ventures if President Muhammadu Buhari could sincerely address electricity challenges the country is facing.

Nigerians deserve a better deal.
The youths of this great country won’t take to the street protesting if the government are responsible enough to their plights.

We want the Federal Government and the States to provide an enabling environment for businesses and investments to thrive for our youths to be gainfully employed.

It is not enough for President Muhammadu Buhari to be promising vulnerable Nigerians N5000, N10,000 and N30, 000.00 stipends from the Tradermoni, MarketMoni and N-Power schemes. Nigerians deserve more life changing policies than this!

We want Mr President to channel the N70billion budgeted for Social Investment Schemes to fixing electricity and creating opportunities for the youths.

If electricity is constant then artisans among our youths will be gainfully employed and engaged and the economy will be better for it.

To the youths, I urge them to continue to engage peacefully and speak to power constructively and by God’s grace; we will get it right sooner than later.

And to all elected political leaders, the time is now for you to do the biddings of Nigerian youths because this is why you are elected into office.

A word, it is said, is enough for the wise!
Long Live Nigerian Youthd!!! Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

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