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Year 2021 Is full of hope, says SPAC Nations Lead Pastor

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Mojisola Lawal

The year 2021 has been tagged as one of hope which will help humanity to overcome the existing challenges created by 2020.

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, the Global Lead Pastor of London-based The Nation Family made this disclosure in his New Year message which he shared on his social media handles on New Year Day.

The charismatic Pastor who is a vast teacher of the word said despite the fact that the just ended year 2020 was a challenging one for the entire world, 2021 is set to be an awesome year.

PT noted that despite the fact that many projections were not friendly, this New Year has enough in stock to bring to pass the dreams of those who were ready to try and make the most of the year.

“As long as you believe and work towards it, things will happen as you desire this year. My message for you this year is hope that we will overcome all the challenges that 2020 has created. That is not to say there will be no challenges but you will be stronger and come out on top of them all, greater, stronger and with flying colours”

The highly charitable man of God used that opportunity to appreciate all and sundry who have supported the ministry over the years. He said every support they have received has been of tremendous in pushing and urging him and the team on in the divine assignment they daily seek to fulfil.

“The Nation Family thanks you all for all your support through the years. Your words of encouragement, actions which urge us on and overall confidence in what God is using The Nation Family to achieve all over the world have all been quite motivating. It feels refreshing knowing we are having the desired impact that is part of our earthly duties as we aim to bring many more people to the side of the Lord Jesus”

Pastor Tobi further said The Nation Family would be more encouraged by more show of support as we journey through 2021.

“We crave more of your support as we get into the new year knowing we will have more impact on humanity and help as many people as possible have a relationship with God. What we preach in The Nation Family transcends religion. We are more about a relationship with our heavenly father and we already are making impact while keeping in mind that the journey is still far”

It would be recalled that in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic last years, The Nation Family reached out to support thousands of families in different countries from Europe and Africa. Businesses were also helped with grants for establishment and expansion.

PT said all of these were not done because The Nation Family had excess or wanted to show off but because the Biblical injunction to be our brother’s keeper and love our neighbours as ourselves needed to be followed.

“We needed to make sacrifices and we are glad to be of support to people like us who needed us at different times during the year. This is one of the ways through which we preach Christ to people because Jesus would not fold his hands while many people go needy.”

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