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How I went blind three months after my wife died–Prophet Oluwalogbon

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Prophet Shitu Adeniyi aka Oluwalogbon can be described as a man with nine lives. He is a man of God, a gospel singer and also an actor. Is this why he is described as a man with nine lives, No! Oluwalogbon lost his wife to the cold hands of death during childbirth.

At a supposed joyous moment, he lost his wife as he only returned home with the baby while the mother was committed to mother earth. Things couldn’t have gotten worse anymore but that seems like a curtain raiser in what fate had in stock for him as he lost his sight thereafter.

Hold on! Don’t beat the drum of pity for him yet as he would tell you he has no regret whatsoever with the blows fate has dealt him.

“I don’t think there is anything any man with sight can do that I can’t do”, he told newsexplorersng.com Entertainment and Society Editor, Ajibade Alabi during this exclusive chat. Read more.

Could you introduce yourself?

I am Prophet Shitu Adeniyi but people call me Oluwalogbon or Baba Jeje. I am a clergyman and a gospel singer. There is no type of music I can’t sing. There was a time I was into fuji music. Singing is a talent. It is not what I learnt, it is inborn. Even before I accepted Jesus Christ, I have been singing.  I am also an actor. I started my acting career in the 90s through Christian movies.

So, you are also a producer?

That’s correct! Apart from acting, I am also into movie production. In fact, my movie titled, One house (Ile kan), will be released soon. The movie features many talented artistes like Funke Etti, Uncle Ladi, Pastor Shitu Daniel, and Ola Samuel among others.  

It was directed by Mr Deji while Kunle Afod is one of the many talented actors featured in the movie. It will be a good movie for every house to watch when it is finally released, that I can assure you.

With your exploits in evangelism and movie production, you have shown that incapacitation is no excuse to success, how have you been coping?

Faith without work, according to bible, is nothing. I cannot continue to live in self-pity. So, through my movies and music, I earn a living. Even if I am not into evangelism, I have to work. I do theatre so as to earn some money and to be able to do all necessary things that is required of a responsible man. It is my talent that has pushed me this far, it is your talents that will pave way for you hence I am using my talents to carter for myself.

The story of your blindness, tell us about how it happened?

It is a long story. In this life, man will have a lot of difficulties and lot of hurdles to cross in life. We all have our different challenges but one must not continue to dwell in the challenges and one must not believe it’s all over for him.

It’s not the eye challenge that started first. I can remember that my trials began with the death of my first wife. I became blind three months after the death of my first wife.

How does it happen? I was in 31 days fasting and prayer as directed by God. When it was a day to finish the fasting and prayer, my wife died while given birth. She was in labor. Some people whispered and gossip that the death of my wife was as a result of my too many sins.

I got many uncomplimentary comments from close friends. They said all sorts of things but I know God is faithful. They went to the point that whenever I prophesized on something and it came to pass, they will say I used my eyes to source for metaphysical power. They felt I am too empty spiritually to command miracle or seek the intervention of God on worldly challenges.

They all concluded that I used my eyes and my wife for sacrifice. But all I could utter was, God knows best and he, alone, knows the reason for my present predicament.

It was indeed a very bad experience. We took my wife to mortuary and brought the baby home then my sight challenges started. I lost my sight. At times, it does make me sad but I never lost hope. I was determined and never lost focus on my journey and purpose in life.

I was not born blind. I went to through school with my eyes intact. And I was called to the vineyard of God not as a blind man. I used my eyes to compose my songs, so it wasn’t as if I was born blind. After I lost my first wife I have re-married and life continues.

What other things do you do?  

I have an Online Pilot radio and Online TV. They work in collaboration with Lamgoblic FM Radio station, Ibadan. I also run Shittu Music TV and Okin TV.

How do you interpret your script since you can’t read?

I will simply say its talent and God’s grace. No matter how challenging my roles are, if I am told what to do, I will interpret it perfectly. And if it is my movie, I will give someone to write the script for me and thereafter I will know what to do to interpret my roles since I am the writer.

Don’t you see your situation as challenges?

I don’t see it as one, since there is nothing a two-eyed person can do, that I can’t do as far as moving forward is concerned.

Who are your mentors?

While I was small I cherish Ebenezer Obey. In fact, my love for Obey is why people called me, “Baba Jeje”. Now I like Yinka Ayefele. Baba Aworinde is my father, we have a very good relationship.


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