July 18, 2024


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Strive For Acquisition Of Knowledge And  Anointing –Tobi Adegboyega

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Mojisola Lawal
The acquisition of knowledge and annointing are basic ingredients required for the general break through of believers, a renowned Minister of God,Pastor Tobi Adeboyega has recommended.
PASTOR Tobi , The Global Lead Pastor of United Kingdom based The Nation Family, also known as SPAC Nation therefore charged believers to make the Holy Spirit a major part of their daily living and activities .
SPAC Lead Pastor, Tobi Adegboyega
The revered preacher of the word who has been in ministry for over 15years gave this admonition during a Sunday’s service which was tagged Wealth Service and was beamed live on Youtube as well as other social media platforms globally.
Pastor Tobi referred to knowledge as the currency which all individuals have to spend as they journey through life stressing  that actual wealth has to do with acquaintance with The Holy Spirit.
“A business person who has a relationship with the Holy Ghost does not run after stuff that will not benefit him in the long run. The Holy Spirit always makes the difference. He bears witness with your spirit and gives you the all-clear in all situations. The Holy Spirit is the one that perfects all that has to do with divine timing in your life.”
Pastor Tobi said the relationship between the Holy Spirit and wealth is direct as it is the Spirit that gives the believer the ability to be wealthy
. He said Moses and Joseph are examples of biblical characters whose wealth were inspired by the Holy Spirit, who was in operation despite not being mentioned in the Old Testament.
“Wealth is the attainment of your life’s purpose. There is the potential to fulfil purpose in every man but the Holy Spirit comes to activate this potential. The fulfilment of Moses’ purpose as a wealthy man was in him taking millions of Israelites to The Promised Land and this he did with the help of the Holy Spirit.”
He added further that Joseph was filled with the spirit the day he saw himself standing and having the sun, moon and stars bow to him.
“The in-filling of the Holy Spirit made him reject the enticement by Potiphar’s wife and the lesser influence and wealth that might have followed; unknown to him; to become the Prime Minister of Egypt. The Holy Spirit revealed to him that he was not bound to Potiphar’s wealth and he ultimately became the ruler of the nation of Egypt.”
PT also challenged the Nigerian government to open their minds and give new developments like digital currency a chance in the country, noting that despite the fact that there are disadvantages of accepting digital currency, other countries are successfully exploiting the advantages of these new technological advancements.
“Kenya is bringing in digital currency while Nigeria is distancing itself from it. Both decisions originate from availability and paucity of knowledge respectively. We need to be ready to take over the new world and Nigeria should not be left behind.”

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