July 14, 2024


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Nollywood star actress, Ola Samuel in birthday celebration mood

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Nollywood star actress, Ola Samuel aka Ola Iberu is already in ecstasy as the birthday date is getting nearer. Though the talented actress who has acted and produced many films will be celebrating her day come Tuesday May 11, but she is been preparing for the bash as she went on photo-shoot which now adore internet

“I have to thank God for this year, for what God has been doing for me so my birthday preparation will be in earnest even though I am not going to do any elaborate celebration but I will still host some friends and colleagues from my industry, and what a better way to start the celebration than to make myself happy prior to that day and one of those things is to go for photo-shoot which I have concluded many days ago.”

Ola Samuel is one of the fast risen actress who stormed the industry not quite a long and she has been dashing out a series of movies with her good acting prowess.

Known for her humility Ola Samuel will tell you Joke Silver is her role model

“I love the way she acts and the way she manages her home, she is one woman I so admire and want to emulate, I have been monitoring her acting since when I was a young girl and I said I will like to be like her and so far she has not disappointed me and I knew she will not” stated Ola who has acted in many like Tanimola, Isemi nifemi, Igberaga, Torera, and Abike Ekun which is her latest movie

However, she will pick Ola Iberu as one movie that gave her a lot of challenges to carry out the role. She explained

“I don’t know may be is because I have to play a role of a tough lady a loose girl who I can describe as hooligans and garage girl, but anyway I enjoyed the role but it was tough and so far it was toughest role I ever played in a movie”


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