July 23, 2024


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Men of God Have Turned Churches To Business Venture-Sup. Prophet Ebenezer Fashade 

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The General Overseer of C& S God of Solution International Ministry (TCSGOSIM) Supt. Apostle Prophet Ebenezer Fashade, has splits fire concerning some Nigerian men of God who prioritised the kingdom of God over worldly things of life.

The minister of God stated that the mission of his ministry is to assist people and not to add to their woes.

” Our mission here is to assist people, all should not be about government. I also don’t think schools established by Churches should be of high cost . Under ministry, what is important which people are lacking is salvation. Go to my YouTube you will see what I mean. Ministries without preaching salvation is nothing. Ministers of God should know that the work of God is not a business venture. You don’t expect to pray for somebody and expect the person to build a house for you.

We have Churches all over Nigeria, even in abroad but did you know that the more houses of God we have, the more the sinners. Now you see a graduate because of lack of employment running a Church. They now see the work of God as a source of income.

Going to theology school did not make you a man of God. Theology school does not portray you as a pastor. There is different between calling and going to theological school”

The clergyman also spoke about the forthcoming Mega Praise stated for Thursday 5th August.

The night of praise will have Dare Melody, Prince Abel Dosumu aka Mega 99, Lanre Teriba( Atorise) among other talented gospel acts.

Speaking on the event, ” It is just a way to thank God for His mercies. It’s a week long program, Mega Praise is just one of the programs.
I have invested into the ministry and I don’t expect to get the reward from anyone except God. If you are a General Overseer of a Church and you have a school or hospital and your members can’t afford to attend or patronize you then you need to check yourself” intoned the G.O who also stated that his ministry will officially launched his pet project next year.

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