July 20, 2024


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Presidency: Support Candidate From The Southeast, Eze Ndigbo of Ibadan, Dr Anozie Advises Tinubu

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Mojisola Lawal

The Eze Ndigbo of Ibadanland and Oyo, Dr Alex Anozie has made a passionate appeal to regional leaders in the country particularly the leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Asiwaju Bola Ahmed  Tinubu to sacrifice their ambition to contest for the Presidency of Nigeria for a candidate of Igbo extraction in the interest of peace,justice and unity of the nation.

Speaking in Ibadan, Dr Anozie said he knows and believes that Asiwaju Tinubu can perform if given the opportunity as there are evidences to prove that he is capable.

Dr Anozie who is also the  Vice President,Ndi Eze in Diaspora (South) said the former Lagos state Governor should instead support a south east candidate for President in 2023 because of the way things are in Nigeria presently.

” Doing this will bring about peace and unity in the country as a whole apart from cementing the cordial relationship the leadership of the south west, south east and the south south have built over the years” The Eze Ndigbo noted.

He explained further that ” If we did not go that way, it means the President is going back to the south west from where it will go back to the north and then the south south thus shutting the Igbo out and this may not be in the best interest of Nigeria”

Dr Anozie observed  that Tinubu being a complete gentleman and a goal getter should as a matter of conscience, justice and fairness help fish out an Igbo candidate whom he could give his beautiful ideas to enable him succeed.
He asked ” Why should any one be saying that the south east should be ignored? ” Tinubu should assist in bringing out an Igbo candidate so that all these agitations here and there can fizzle out.

Dr Anozie said further that ” it is really painful to see Tinubu  with his antecedents to be in this situation adding that he would have personally campaigned for him if not for the fact that he is the situation where he finds himself about to usurp the chance of an Igbo man to be President of Nigeria.

” Am appealing to the country as a whole and Asiwaju Tinubu to show love to the south east as this will bring about absolute peace,justice and love for one another” Dr Anozie posited. .

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