July 20, 2024


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Being Focused Is Key To Turning Impossibilities To Possibilities, SPAC Nation Lead Pastor Sermonizes Followers

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Akin Olayemi

LEADING a life of committed focus without flinching is the key to achieving a lot and turning impossibilities to absolute possibilities says Pastor Tobi Adegboyega.

Pastor Adegboyega, the Global Lead Pastor of SPAC Nation gave the sermon on Sunday while interacting with his followers on his Instagram page.

PT who reminisced on his beginnings in London as a kitchen porter said what kept him going despite the odds was his commitment to success.

He said many people wondered why he would use his meagre earnings as a kitchen porter to support other people but he was unfazed by their queries, preferring instead to concentrate on his goals.

“That phase is a part of my story. You are nothing without your story. Something has to keep you going. Learn to focus without flinching, be committed to what you are focused on and let commitment be your new comfort zone.”

Pastor Tobi further encouraged those watching and listening that they should not be fazed by results that seem to be different from what they presently desire.

“What you currently do might not lead you where you want to go but your commitment to it is all that matters. You have to be focused without flinching.  The ability to do that makes it achievable.”

He pointed out that many people are not committed in life because they have options, explaining that having options makes it difficult to be committed.”

Responding to those who asked how he has been able to navigate difficult situations, PT said it was down to unflinching focus while being committed.

“People ask how we are able to raise young leaders who are world beaters. There are no two ways outside our commitment to what we do. We are committed to achieving results. We don’t want instant results, we concentrate on the long-term. Anything that is short-term is rubbish. Long-term is the real deal.”

Pastor Tobi advised that skills and resources should not be placed ahead of commitment as that would not produce desired results.

“Leave skills and resources and first focus on commitment. Commitment is why we have many oppositions, distracted people have less oppositions. You should be committed to whatever you are doing as that will help you weather the storms and challenges that may arise therefrom.”

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