July 14, 2024


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Opinion:Lagos for Lagos? Lagos for Igbos!

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By Tunde Jakande

From Ebute Metta through Yaba, Somolu, Ikeja, Ajah and even in the heart of the state, Lagos Island , new housing estates are rising.

Developers are buying old family houses, shops, undeveloped plots of land.

They are building modern structures including hotels, shopping malls etc.

Developers have moved to rural areas like Ikorodu, Ikosi Ejirin, Imota, Eredo, Epe, Ibeju Lekki, Sangotedo etc and buying up every available land.

In the twenty local government councils and thirty seven development centres, a handful of developers have secured building rights.

Their companies are remodeling market structures and motor parks. They have attained power to let or sell shops/space.

My home town Oke Popo in Lagos Islander has not been spared. Ownership and tenancy have changed hands.

Children of my late aunties and uncles have sold or leased out their heritage. They are now tenants or have relocated.

While the Lagos for Lagos campaigns rages, the fact on ground is obvious to the discerning mind.

Lagos is no longer for Lagosians!

The future of Lagos for Lagosians maybe yesterday’s reality. The future of Lagos may not even be for Yorubas.

Thousands of hectares, markets, family buildings that form the heritage bequeathed by our fathers is being sold.

From Amuwo odofin, Festac, Satellite Town, Ojo etc, the new structures are predominantly owned by young igbo boys.

All these are being bought with legal tender and the transfer of ownership papers, legit. They pay their taxes and levies to government.

While we chant Lagos for Lagosians, non indigenes especially Igbos are arriving penniless and becoming billionaires in this city we call our own.

When I drive round my city, I see thousands of able bodied indigenes playing drought or ludo in the morning.

I see our young blood riding kekenap and okada. A significant number are foot soldiers for National Union Road Transport Workers (NURTW). Our Politicians do not see what I see.

Daily, public office holders treat letters for financial assistance from indigenes. Most of the assistance is for naming ceremonies, burials and birthdays.

Igbo boys are helping each other set up shops and give out start up capital in millions of naira. They collaborate in business.

Family houses in Eric Moore, Adeniran Ogunsanya, Bode Thomas all in prime Surulere, are being sold to mostly igbos.

While the population of indigenes is decreasing with many relocating to other states or abroad, Igbos are relocating to
Lagos, en mass.

If democracy is a game of numbers, guess who will not just own the houses but determine who win elections.

If you see this scenario as impossible its because you are not visionary like our leaders.

Empower the indigenous youths economically otherwise………

Lagos for Lagos? Lagos for igbos!


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