July 15, 2024


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GTBank Customers Protest Fraudulent Deductions, Accounts Hacking

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Akin Olayemi

Hundreds of customers of Guarantee Trust Bank, GTBank now known as GTCO staged a protest against what they termed as fraudulent deductions and hacking of their accounts by the bank.

The alleged fraud, according to the customers, was committed by staff at the Ring Road branch of the bank.

The atmosphere was tumultuous as angry customers verbally assaulted one of the staff of the bank, who tried to calm the nerve of some of the victims of the fraud.

A victim disclosed that a sum of N49, 000 was deducted from her account by GTBank as a staff.

Another victim who simply identified herself as a prophet, said that a sum of N2, 000 was unduly deducted from her account while another victim alleged a deduction of N1million from his account overnight.

He said: “I’ve experienced it in GTB before. Then, it was 100k that was deducted. Since then, I stopped using the account to receive any amount that is more than N100, 000.

But recently, someone had to send the sum of N1m into my account and as I came to the GTB Ring Road branch this morning and saw people complaining, I just checked my account, only for me not to see the N1m transferred into my account. It has been deducted. What I can assure you that the Branch Manager cannot feign ignorance about what is happening in her branch.”

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According to them, “Imagine, they first claimed they were trying to upgrade, later they said they were investigating it.

“I was in my house this morning, with my ATM in my purse, only for me to get debit alerts of N2000 and N4, 000 respectively, around 5.20am, claiming I withdrew the money from a GTB POS,.”

It was gathered that the fraudulent deductions of money is not limited to Naira-dominated accounts. It affects the domiciliary account holders, as another victim, claimed that a sum of $200 was deducted from his account early in the morning.

He says, “I didn’t use my Domiciliary Card since over two months I collected it. I kept it inside the ceiling, but now, GTbank management claimed that I spent the money on an online transaction”.

One Mr. Adebanji, noted that the issue of fraudulent deductions of customer’s money is not peculiar to the Ring Road branch of GTBank alone, but said that some of his kinsmen have had their share of the bitter experience with the bank.

He disclosed that there are cases of such fraudulent deductions in other banks in the country but there is the need for the management to buckle up in tackling fraudulent activities in their businesses, especially when most of the frauds are perpetrated by some of the banks and in conniving with some of the banker staff.

The manager of the Ring Road branch refused a clarify these issues and had ordered that the doors of the bank be closed against customers, for any transaction whatsoever, either to prevent these issues from getting out of hands or to make sure some of the challenges raised by some customers are dealt with in-house.

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Also on Friday at the GTCO branch at Abule-Egba in Lagos, some customers were seen inside the banking hall protesting fraudulent deductions of their accounts.

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