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My Desire Is For Africa To Be Pride Of The World, SPAC Nation Lead Pastor

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Mojisola Lawal

Global Lead Pastor of the Nxtion Family, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega,  says the continent of Africa becoming the pride of the world is his desired birthday gift from God.

While speaking on the occasion of his 41st birthday celebration held in London, the charismatic Minister of God disclosed that his sojourn in the United Kingdom has positively impacted many lives.

Many people, according to PT, who have been abandoned and left to rot away have found a home in The Nxtion Family, and have had their lives turned around for good.

Pastor Tobi who has been in the United Kingdom for more than fifteen years said it is people like these who mostly go the extra mile to make things happen for the Ministry because they want others who lead their previous lives to also come into the fold and find rest.

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The well-versed Minister of the Word said he desires the emergence of new leaders in Africa so that the continent can be seen as the pride of the world.


“I want God to make Africa the pride of the world. I want us to have great leaders. I know it may sound patronising, but the sum total of my 16-17 year journey in this city is to raise leaders for Africa. I know that cannot be done without money. If we are to raise money, we have to invest in businesses, we are looking at political and business leaders” he asserted.

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Pastor Tobi disclosed that The Nxtion Family is already putting structure in place in some African countries to make this possible.

He said there is a Fintech Hub under construction in Lagos which will employ 100 – 150 people when completed. This hub will be powered by some companies in the UK.


“We just want to take people off the streets and make an example of them. That is a major project we are doing in Nigeria at the moment. On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, we have some acres of land that we intend to build studios, a major media centre. That will take us about a year to build. In Nigeria, we can help close to 100,000 youths in the next four years” he stated.

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The Pastor who assumed a Global role following his stepping down from the UK branch last year also dismissed the unfounded allegations of impropriety against him and the ministry.

He said most of the allegations stem from the fact that The Nxtion Family was doing things in a different way.


He added, “What I have done in this city, there is no single black person that has ever done it. All the offices here, they would always say there is no one person that is able to gather all these youths like I have done. I will say that I am black in a very difficult country. I am not naïve to think that good works will always lead to accolades.”


PT revealed that the way the ministry operates makes it easy for young people to align with them and they have benefitted immensely because their lives have been transformed for good.


“There were so many young people who were going astray; who were getting into all kinds of fraud and things like that. I grew up in the church and I know what it was like as a youth to be disconnected from the church because most young people will say church was boring. It does not create jobs for them, it doesn’t give them any hope in the future, other than just spirituality and the hope that God will do something in their lives in the future, which may not be.”

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“You bring few young people together, some of them had just come out of jail, the reoffending rate in London is the highest in the entire western world. So, it means that when they come out of jail, they would keep going back again and again. We had to find a way to break that cycle. We had to reduce or break that by giving them businesses by coming together as a community.”


Pastor Tobi disclosed that he funded their business ideas by borrowing money for them to invest and that was the end of criminal lifestyles.


The stylish Pastor laughed off suggestions that he was materialistic instead of being focused on things of the spirit. He made it known that most of the things he wears are meant to promote his members’ brands and businesses.


“The ostentatious lifestyle they talk about has nothing to do with the ministry. It is all about me, but trust me, I am not materialistic. I have never cared about material things. There are people around me that we have raised over the years; I promote stuff for people, all the luxury items for example. I have never bought a car.

PT used the medium to appreciate those who came together to celebrate him on the 11th of November which was his birthday, adding that he felt honoured by all and sundry who planned such a colourful event on which he did not spend a dime.

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