July 13, 2024


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Tinubu Needs Bode George To Forge Ahead Says Igbokwe

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By Joe Igbokwe

On this day of Sunday November 14 2021 I want to appeal to well-meaning, eminent and prominent Lagosians to put heads together and work out a solution to address the political divisions between Asiwaju BAT and Lagos big boy, former Military Governor of the old Ondo State , Chief Bode George since 1999.

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In our own very eyes since 1999 till date all the PDP political heavyweights in Lagos PDP have crossed over to AD, AC, ACN and APC except Chief Bode George. To all intents and purposes Bode George has tried. He has shown that he is a man who can take a stand and hold on to it.

No doubt, Oga Bode George has proved that he is man but he cannot continue to waste his precious gift of time on acrimony and division. Oga Bode George should weigh all options now and do the needful. To continue to attack a man like Asiwaju who has built bridges across Nigeria, East, West, North or South will remain an exercise in futility. We should be bold enough to admit when someone does better us.

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All fingers are not equal Oga mi. Ka agba fun leader.Asiwaju BAT needs everybody including Bode George to forge ahead. Let the real men and women stand out in Lagos out to broker peace between Chief Bode George and Asiwaju BAT. The time to do this is now.

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