July 23, 2024


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Reinvent, Make Meaning Out Of Life, Pastor Tobi Charges Christians

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Akin Olayemi

Christians in all spheres of human endeavours have been charged to reinvent themselves to be able to make positive meaning of their existence and fulfil their destiny.

The Global Lead Pastor of SPAC Nation, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega gave the charge during the week  in the United Kingdom, noting that re-invention should come before hope as the latter is a waster without the former.

“To re-invent means to reset your mind towards what you think you want to achieve in life. People often say stuff like a country is tough, which is actually true especially in Africa where the leadership is mostly nothing to write home about but it is possible to achieve breakthrough even in the midst of chaos if you re-invent by accepting the present reality and making something out of it.”

Pastor Tobi chided those who use religion as a camouflage when they should take steps to re-invent and be better.

He explained that religion makes it impossible to think, and implored people to put religion aside and make a real meaning out of life by re-inventing.

“You can drop old ideas and embrace fresh ones. You have change some things. It does not matter whether you are 8 or 80 years old.”

PT said it was re-invention that has helped SPAC Nation, which is also known as The Nxtion Family to achieve the results being celebrated today.

“What we have done so far at The Nxtion Family is to re-invent the idea of Church. We worked towards making people have a different perception of Church in a way that makes them want to come and see.”

“We have done this over 10 years. We have re-engineered people’s lives in a way that makes them want to conform to what will give their lives meanings as desired by God.”

The Pastor whose advocacy about reduction of youth-related gang crimes got recognised by the authorities in the United Kingdom said a change of environment might produce either a positive or negative reset in human life.

He pointed out that people have changed environments and experienced changes, either positive or negative, attributing it all to re-invention.

“Whatever you have done in the past but don’t want to do any more, just re-invent. Make changes where necessary – circle of friends, lifestyle, even church and Pastors you listen to.”

“The change has to start on your inside, by your own will. When you make changes, your environment will conform to you and not the other way round.”


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