July 23, 2024


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SPAC Nation Raises Fund To Support Needy

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Akin Olayemi

One of the fastest growing pentecostal ministries, The Nxtion Family, United Kingdom’s has raised a total sum of £621,059 to support charities all over the world in 2022.

Global Lead Pastor of the ministry, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega said it was a pleasure to start the New Year helping the needy and the less privileged.

“This is how we start the New Year. While some are spending, we are raising funds which will be used for impact all over the world.”

He said The Nxtion Family, also known as SPAC Nation is not bothered about how many perceive this act as some people were already wired to be negative about everything.

PT also used the opportunity to reveal 2022 as “The Year of Genius”. The charismatic minister said through the church, 100 millionaires would be created by the end of the year.

“We have fed many people and tried to help the community. What we have raised is just a part of what we intend doing, we will spend over a million pounds on charity this year.”

The Pastor who has been involved in many community changing projects announced the creation of an exclusive club which is named Wealth Nxtion. He said the group which would be very active on Instagram where members will learn, grow and become rich.

“We have thousands of people applying to join the closed group already. We will however ensure those who are admitted in are people who are on the same page with us.”

“We can change the world one person at a time, and we are committed to playing our role. Even critics and those who have made themselves enemies play a major role in spreading the word and glorifying God’s name.”

“We have found our way to the top and we owe it to humanity to help other people get to the top. We will make 100 millionaires this year, and that is not dependent on your location. You might be in Europe or Africa or Asia, distance or location is no barrier to benefiting from what God is going to use us to achieve this year.”

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