July 23, 2024


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Five Entrepreneurs Emerge In SPAC Nation Wealth Creation Programme

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Mojisola Lawal

FIVE entrepreneurs has emerged tops in the Nxtion family wealthcentric programme aimed at creating 100 millionaires in the year 2022.

Wealth Nxtion is the wealth building arm of ‘The Nxtion Family’, a London based Pentecostal ministry led by Pastor Tobi Adegboyega.

The five winners were selected on a programme which was transmitted live via the Wealth Nxtion Instagram page and on the Tobi Youtube channel.

In his opening remark, Pastor Tobi disclosed that the urge to create a ‘wealthcentric community’ where people will be helped to make wealth informed the creation of Wealth Nxtion.

He charged those on the live session to ensure they have the right mindset as that is what is needed to make every other thing right.

“You need the right mindset. When your mind is not set right, every other thing goes wrong.

Two resource persons joined other partners and Pastor Tobi to address listeners, many of who made it clear that they benefited from the live session.

Business pitches were played and from the session, five millionaire were given out, with one of the beneficiaries winning a grant of two million naira.

Pastor Tobi informed that Wealth Nxtion was investing in people and not businesses.

“Our number one rule is investing in people, not businesses. Everyone who has won today is to turn the million naira into five million naira within three months after which we will double it for them again.”

“When they return with ten million, we will take back our investment of five million and disburse to another five people. That way, cycle will keep going and we will create many millionaires.”

The SPAC Nation Global Lead Pastor said every beneficiary will be given a business mentor to help them in the journey of ensuring that they make profit for others to benefit.

“We are just starting. We will do more, and we would have created hundreds of millionaires by the end of the year. Let’s do this, let’s make our continent great with wealth.”

PT urged entrepreneurs who were still interested in pitching their businesses and were sure they could partake in the challenge to send their video pitches to Wealth Nxtion.

He said the wealth creation programme would focus on different areas of business and gave out social media accounts to follow.

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