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This Month Smells Of Money, Favour, Good News, Pastor Tobi Foretells

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Mojisola Lawal

PEOPLE across all walks of life have been encouraged to stay positive and be expectant as the new month of February starts.

This admonition was made by the Global Lead Pastor of The Nxtion Family, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega in his monthly message which was posted on his official social media platforms.

Pastor Tobi said it is a month that has a lot of goodness embedded in it and all that is needed is to connect with the source which is Christ.

“This month smells like money, favour and lots of good news for you. It feels like everything that has been difficult for you will become easier, you will meet solvers who will help solve difficult situations easily!”

He charged listeners to believe and be ready to testify because there will be occurrences that will go beyond their expectations.

PT also talked about three things which are important for wealth. He explained that the mindset to create wealth is very vital, adding that it is from the mindset that our belief systems originate.

“The mindset bears the belief system. Your belief system is how you see things differently from your community. If you do not see things in a different manner from how the environment, community and prevailing conditions make it seem, the results you get will still be the same.”

He therefore advised that a rechanneling of the mind towards achieving wealth should be prioritised.

Pastor Tobi further said an individual’s association has the power to make such person wealthy or otherwise. He pointed out that the various motivational talks about association such as one’s network being a determinant of one’s net worth are valid but should not be what one’s thinking should be entirely based on.

“You are not going to be better than your association. Many will ask what they should do with old friends with whom they do not share a common goal anymore. If you are trying to build a new you and you cannot find anyone that fits in, that is the sign that it is time to make changes to that circle because one of the greatest disciplines of wealth is to force your own change.”

The final key of wealth as discussed by The Nxtion Family’s Global Lead Pastor is Patience. He advocated the need to learn how to wait as it is a very vital component of wealth.

He decried the rate at which people nowadays want to rush and take decisions without divine input, saying that leads to ultimate failure.

“When you bring the 3 together, it helps you build your wealth portfolio. This month, everything will align for you as you do your bit. God does not do magic so do not leave what you are supposed to handle for God.”

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