June 12, 2024


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Ijero-Apapa Road Old Boys Distribute Notebooks to Lagos Schools

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Ijero-Apapa Road Old Boys Distribute Notebooks to Lagos Schools


A socio-political and cultural group, Ijero/Apapa Road Old Boys, has distributed educational materials including notebooks to students in 11 secondary schools in Ebute-Meta (west) of Lagos Mainland Local Government of Lagos State.

The 11 schools that benefited from the intervention include St. Paul Primary School, St Peter Primary School, Banjo Primary School, Ebenezer Primary School, Ijero Primary School, Oroku Primary School, Marywood Primary School, LMLG Primary School, Eleja Primary School, Ago-Ijaye Primary School and Iponri Olaleye Primary School.

The Chairman of the educational intervention committee, High Chief Kehinde Kalejaiye expressed the group’s determination to continue to support the educational drive for schools within the State especially Ebute-Meta (west), Mainland of Lagos State.

Kalejaiye who is also the traditional ruler of Otumara community in the state commended the support of eminent personalities that contributes to the actualisation of the dream project.

He said, “Education is the bedrock of any society. This is why we are not relenting in giving our all to bequeathing quality education to our children in Lagos Mainland Local Government particularly in Ebute-Meta (west) of the state. The role of education in the attainment of a healthy and crime free society cannot be overemphasised.

If we are able to mould the minds of these children at a very tender age then crimes and other associated vices, I believe, would be a thing of the past.

Therefore, I cannot but commend the contributions and dedication of our eminent personalities that contributed in no small measure to making this dream project a reality.

However, I will like to advice these future of tomorrow. In the days past, cultism exist only at the University but this days, it now exist in primary schools.

Primary school pupils are now joining cultism. Please don’t join bad gangs. If anyone approach you to join and wanting to lure you into any bad society, report such person to your parents at home and your teachers at schools. Shun bad gangs and concentrate on your studies for a brighter and rewarding future.

I appreciate our father and leader, a member of the State Governance Advisory Council (GAC), Chief Dr Abayomi Finnih, our mother and chairperson of Lagos Mainland Local Government, Chief Omolola Essien, Vice-chairman, Hon. Emilagba Jubril, Aare Tomori Williams, Aare Onikoyi of Yoruba Land, Mr Olufemi Shadamoro, Mrs Tola Dosunmu, Rotarian Akibu Bankole, Bunmi Obafemi and all dedicated members of Ijero/Apapa Road Old Boys, Ebute-Meta (west).”

The vice-chairman of Lagos Mainland of Local Government, Hon. Jubril Emilagba, who represented the council chairperson urged the pupils to shun cultism and other distractions and concentrate on their studies.

Emilagba who is also a prominent indigene of Ebute-Meta (west) commended High Chief Kehinde Kalejaiye for his persistent contributions to the growth of sports and education in the district.

He said, “On cultism, the chairperson has taken proactive measure to end cultism and other vices. Her focus is on primary schools with the aim of preventing cultism and other social vices.

Also, the chairperson is also very serious about environmental issues. Any school that violates environmental laws of the state will be shut down. Lagos state is monitoring the state of the environment across every Local Government. If the environment is intact, every other thing will be fine.

I am urging our students to focus on their education and shun cultism and every other distraction. Without education, you cannot get to the peak of your career. Do not join bad gang. Shun cultism and be obedient to your parents and teachers. Be responsible to yourself and your society.”

Executive Secretary, Lagos Mainland Local Government, Education district, Barr Tijani Tajudeen speaks on the importance of notebooks to the success of the pupils.

He said, “Exercise book is very important to the educational pursuit and excellence of our pupils. You can pass without buying textbooks but it is impossible to pass your exams with notebooks. It is an important tool to becoming whatever you want to become educationally.

Gone are the days when we keep diaries but today its computers and notebooks. So store your information in your notebooks. The notebooks is your dictionary. It is your research aid. What has been said about cultism, please take to it. Also child abuse, you have to speak up in the case of an harassment or assault by anyone including uncles, aunties, nephews, nieces and others. Your future starts today therefore be serious about it.”

Chairman of the Group, Hon. Seun Williams said the group is obligated to support laudable projects that would be of benefit to the entire community.

He said, “Primary education is the foundation of every knowledge. When we gathered some years back, we decided to give back to our community by investing in the future of our children.

This is the first of its kind but by the grace of God, it will be an annual event. By the grace of God, this legacy will continue to impact positively in the lives of our children especially in the area of quality education.”

Head teacher of LMLG Primary School, Mrs Gbemi, on behalf of all beneficiaries thanked the donors for the donation.



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