May 30, 2024


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Live With Fear Of Allah During And After Ramadan

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The Founder and Spiritual Head of Shafaudeen In Islam Worldwide who is also the President of Ajagun Esin Consultative Forum,Professor Sabit Ariyo Olagoke JP has admonished Muslims worldwide to see the fear of God as paramount during and after this Ramadan season.

Professor Olagoke in his Press  statement from the Head Quarters of Shafaudeen In Islam worldwide,Wakajaye Ibadan reminded the Islamic faithful of the sacredness of the period and stressed that sanity must be their watchword throughout and thereafte

The renowned Cleric stressed”Fasting exercise in the history of mankind has been found to heal the soul, preserve and protect people from sins and crimes, and, regulate the affairs of the Nation to bring about sanity, discipline and prosperity.”

“For this Year 2019 Ramadhan Fast, Muslims are implored to keep with the rules of laws that uphold it, to achieve fear of God, the Almighty Allah and enjoy dividend of mercy, forgiveness and divine favour, to the realm of individual testimony and possible impact on the Nation, unbridled divine interventions like we need it most in Nigeria socio-political affairs.

He pointed out that”This is to avail us all the opportunity to have a welfarist State and Inclusive Government/Society where corruption and indiscipline will naturally give way for good governance that will stand on justice and equity principle to promote peace, security, productivity and prosperity.

Olagoke who is a justice of Peace added “At sustainable level, let us therefore use the opportunity of this Year Ramadan to promote love, and keep good neighbourliness to have a better habitable community and nation,  a virile and strong Nigeria.

The Chief Imam of the mission emphasised that Islamic sponsorship program needs to spread  over the 12 months of the year rather than being concentrated into the month of Ramadan alone.

“Let use the opportunity of this Ramadan to perfect our ways through various teachings

we have been opportuned to hear from various Islamic Scholars through mass media trasmissions ,he advised

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