June 14, 2024


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APC Is A Shameless Party To Accuse Engr Makinde Of False Asset Declaration, Makinde’s CPS

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Olusakin Babalola ,Ibadan.
The opposition party (APC) in Oyo state has  apparently commenced ceaseless attacks on the policy and programmes of Engineer Oluseyi Makinde’s administration ,investigation has revealed.
And the Government is not  failing to put the records  straight and checkmatre the opposition in view of the facts that silence may be taken for consent in some cases.
Political observers believe that chieftains of the APC were fighting back following allegations of massive corruption against Governor Ajimobi’s administratio which was exposed to the public.
The Chief Press Secretary to the state Governor,Mr.Taiwo Adisa  described the APC as a shameless party that thrives on propaganda when it remained in power for eight years adding “we are not like them”.
The state secretary of APC who earlier spoke with an online medium in Ibadan on Tuesday criticised the decision of the State Lawmakers on what he called a loan being sought by the government.
The Oyo State House of Assembly had on Tuesday approved the request by the executive to obtain 10 billion naira loan to improve infrastructure in the State.
The infrastructural loan which was approved by the state lawmakers during their plenary will be obtained from First Bank PlC, United Bank Africa and Unity Bank Plc.
According to Olatunde ‘the requested loan is an anticipating looting, and that is exactly what is playing out now for the state house of assembly to have approved it, Makinde has accused his predecessor ‘Ajimobi’, that he spent 8years in office, and having a loan of N150billion naira as a debt after leaving as the governor of Oyo State, which we did not agreed, but now, in less than his two months of Engr. Makinde in office as the governor of the state, he has requested for 10billion naira loan.
“Imagine how many billions he would still borrow before the expiration of his 4years tenure in office”
“We raised objection when the governor declared his N48billion naira asset, but the PDP said we are crying fouls, so we told the world that we are still waiting for the Code of Conduct Bureu to confirm the asset.”
In a sharp response, Mr Taiwo Adisa, the Chief Press Secretary to the Oyo State governor, said that APC in Oyo state is a party of shameless people who are busy  running their mouth after they were accused of mindless looting and bad governance.
“We are not like the APC where the debt profile of Oyo State has doubled during their eight years in government, so what’s left for them to say other than shouting?.he said
Adisa noted that if truly Oyo APC leaders are serious with their accountability and probity, why can’t the chairman or their spokesman impress on   officials who served in the eight year misrule they foisted on Oyo people between 2011 and 2019 to publicly declare their assets  like Governor Makinde did, because there is no law that stops them from doing so.
“Let APC  brace itself up to the level of accountability that is being exhibited by Governor   Makinde before we can engage them in discussions on this matter, .If Oyo state Government said it needs N10bn for infrastructure, it is an evidence of the run down infrastructure we met on ground on May 29, 2019.
He assured  that the people would see the results in this open administration of Governor Seyi Makinde, adding that It wont be like the past administration that awarded N7bn contract to a faceless organisation which immediately bolted away after taking N2bn of money belonging to the People .
A pensioner in the state who pleaded anonymity advised the state government to probe all the contracts awarded towards the end of the tenure of the last government.
He believed that the residents of the State has confidence in this administration adding that no amount of vicious propaganda can change that trust in Governor Makindes government.

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