July 16, 2024


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Cleric Admonishes Africans To Pursue Knowledge

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Mojisola Lawal

Africans need a new orientation in all spheres of life in order to achieve significant breakthrough and deliver themselves from self-imposed slavery, a Minister of God has counselled.

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega of SPAC Nation London gave this advice during a 5 day word explosion programme organized by the Church.

In the message titled  “What ‘cursed’ the Black Race?”, the 39 year old Lead Pastor of the Church said he was unhappy that most Africans do not seek after knowledge adding that this ignorance was among reasons some people dub the black a cursed race.

“The black man mostly refuses to go after knowledge and this is at the expense of his race. A wise man digs for information and does the right thing. The black man mostly does not dig to know how genuine information is before passing it on because he lacks knowledge.”

Pastor Tobi observed that  the black man lives the major part of his life working for other races adding “the black man works and toils only to fritter it all on enjoyment in the name of dancing and partying”


“The black man likes finished products without working towards creating. He is all about consumption, not creating, and I daresay that as long as the black man wants to only consume, he is empowering other races which is to his own detriment.”

He counselled the youths to be mindful of the way they use their bodies to praise their creator, stressing “there is no problem with your soul  loving a particular music as long as it has no evil and sin in it. Where there is a sin is you taking your body to where the music resides like club houses, concerts and so on.


“The same body you use to glorify God should not be used to celebrate something else in another congregation different from that of God.”


Quoting copiously from the scripture, Pastor Tobi who also spoke on discipleship stressed that it takes a man with the word to change the world adding “God chooses who to reveal the truth to.People can gather round the truth without it being revealed to them. Revelation is a choice by God. He chooses who he reveals things to.”


He admonished believers to be closer to God in prayers and ministration, pointing out that nothing comes to idle people who refuse to make spiritual sacrifice to God who is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.


“There are people around you who will not be privileged to receive the revelation for your life. Joseph had the revelation but his family knew nothing about it. In Joshua 2:1-24,The revelation Rahab received on sighting the spies was what saved her and her family, leaving other people just hanging. There are people in your life just hanging around you for a while. Judas,despite the time spent with Christ was not part of the revelation,” he pointed out.


The Pastor who recalled that he got to the United Kingdom as a 25 years old said that he started pastoring from the old to the young meaning “I have pastored two generations, and our focus to impact the lives of the masses remain  uncompromised”


“At SPAC Nation London ,we compete with the streets. We present ourselves as  the alternative to the street. We are the street. The records are there how street people have embraced Christ and their lives positively changed from Saul to Paul,” he added.

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