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Residents call for truce, boundary dispute resolution

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Akin Olayemi
Residents in Otumara community have appealed to the two community heads to amicably settle the dispute between them for the interest of development in the community.

According to some of the residents that spoke to newsexplorersng.com on the impact of the long time dispute between High chief Oladipupo Arowojolu and High chief Kehinde Kalejaiye, an age-long unresolved dispute has hindered developmental growth as creates a vacuum for unscrupulous elements to defraud residents in the community.

It would be recalled that for many years there has been an unresolved dispute over land borders between Otumara 1 and Otumara 11 communities.

Speaking on the dispute, head of Oloto family, Chief Ojomo Lamina who is one of the consensus authorities said High chief Arowojolu has been unyielding to the call for truce by the ruling family.

According to him, the issue of boundary that generates ill-feeling has been laid to rest since the reign of High Chief Ojebode Alabi, the first community head in Otumara 11.

He said, “We were there to reconcile the two community heads. We told them that the animosity between them is having adverse effects on the development of the community.

What are they fighting for? What we are doing today is nothing new. The boundary delineation had been done since the time of High Chief Ojebode but we felt it was necessary for us to introduce the line to the new head that is High Chief Kehinde Kalejaiye. Our intention was to show him the mark and advised him not to go beyond it but we were shock to see the High Chief Oladipupo Arowojolu, his siblings and hooligans resisted us.

We have met with the two of them in a private meeting before we went to the public but we were surprised to see large number of soldiers belonging to Arowojolu.

But regardless of what went down, we are committed to resolving the dispute between the two heads therefore we are going to have another meeting because God is the most powerful.”

Also speaking on the issue, Eletu of Otto kingdom, Chief Shamsideen Pedro said in spite of the numerous efforts, Oloto chieftaincy family is yet to find a lasting solution to the boundary issue.

He said, “We are yet to settle the issues as far as we are concerned. We have told them to maintain peace. But the three of us who are elders in the kingdom will sit down to fashion a way out of the crisis and we will get back to you.”

On his part, Chief Aro of Otto Kingdom, Jubril Oloto holds that there is no insurmountable crisis in Otumara as he noted that “There is no problem in the community. The two are fighting over boundary but the boundary had been divided since the reign of Oba Ganiu Adesanya. But for the dispute between the two community heads, it is the responsibility of High Chief Arowojolu to show the boundary separating them to High Chief Kalejaiye.

For his failure to do this, we decided to intervene and resolve the issue. We met at a meeting to settle the dispute and the both of them were happy. But when we got to the border, we were surprise to see that Chief Arowojolu had invited his people to stop the ceremony.

We left the scene for the dispute not to escalate but I can assure you that it will be resolved.”

For peace to permanently reign in Otumara community, a resident and political leader, Prince Abiodun Fagba said there has been conflict of interests between the two community heads as High chief Arowojolu has ill-agendas he is promoting to the detriment of growth in the community.

He said, “We felt there is an urgent need for the demarcation of boundary for peace to reign in the community.

But High chief Oladipupo Arowojolu had other things hidden. His boys resisted the move saying the land does not belong to the Oloto family. They alleged that it belongs to the Arowojolu family whereas it was the Olotos that installed Arowojolu as one of the head of Otumara community.

The boundary had been separated since the days of Ojebode therefore I can boldly say that it is not just starting during the reign of kalejaiye. But the issue is that Arowojolu is benefiting from the atrocious acts going on within the community that is why he did not want the boundary delineated.

The issue is before the head of chieftaincy committee in Apapa, Surulere and Lagos Mainland, Oba Fatai Ojora and we hope that it will be resolved sooner than later.”

While describing as an eyesore what went down on the appointed day for the boundary delineation, Chief Eromosele said “On Saturday, it was an eyesore because the boundary has been on ground since the reign of the former community head, high Chief Oyebode. Kalejaiye was not the first community head in Otumara 11. He is the second community head. This is where many people are making mistake. The boundary has always been there but as a new head, it will require someone that has been on ground to show him his boundary.

The Oloto family is working towards finding a lasting solution to the dispute and I hope it will be resolved soon. It is affecting the development of the community.”

Commending the trio consensus authority, High chief Kehinde Kalejaiye said he is for the promotion of peaceful coexistence in the community.

He however informed that he is aware of the demarcation line between the two communities, adding that he only wanted the Oloto ruling family to officially make the mark known to the two heads.

He said, “I am well aware of the boundary between the communities. I was the second in command to the first community head of Otumara 11, Chief Ojebode. So I know all to be known as far as the community is concerned. When we were called for the resolution of the crisis, the chiefs appealed to both of us but it came to me as a surprise when Arowojolu invited some hoodlums to halt the boundary familiarisation ceremony.

He has been a thorn in the flesh of many residents and an obstacle to peaceful coexistence in the community which was why his brother, Abayomi Akintimehin popularly known as Kala vehemently rejected associating with him. We need peace in Otumara. Our community must be free from the shackles of exploitation and backwardness.

So I am appealing to the consensus authority not to relent in their efforts to bringing an end to the boundary challenges in the community.”
While speaking to newsexplorersng.com on telephone, High Chief Oladipupo Arowojolu disclosed that Otumara was a bush path until his forefathers made it habitable for residents to live in.

He said, “The entire Ilaje/Otumara community was a bush path until it was cleared by my forefathers. They worked tirelessly for the community to be habitable. So why should I want to destabilise the community. I am not fighting with anybody. On the border issue, why should I allow the boundary demarcation when the land belongs to my forefathers?

They are the persons investigation all what not but as for me I don’t have any issues with anybody. I have being installed by Oba Ganiu Adesanya, the late monarch of Otto kingdom as the head of Otumara community since 20 years ago.

This is not about the money, political affiliation or your social status but it is about being qualified to be enthroned as the head. But the whole matter is being addressed by Oba Fatai Ojora. I can assure you that very soon the whole truth will be unveil before the world.”

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