July 11, 2024


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Background Is Not An Obstacle To Divine Fulfilment -Pst. Tobi

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Mojisola Lawal

A word of encouragement has gone to people across different walks of life not to  allow their background and origin be a source of limitation in their quest to reach the top of their career and fulfil divine arrangement for their lives.

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, the Global Lead Pastor of London based SPAC Nation gave this admonition during the Connect Penthouse Service of the ministry.

He pointed out that human beings have no say in their origins and the vehicle through which they came to the world.

“The vehicle is the most important thing that will determine whether a man misses it in life. At every junction of your life, God has positioned a vehicle that would take you in the right direction.”

The Nigerian born Pastor said ” the fact that God has a big plan for a man’s life does not mean he or she had to be there but had to play his role to complement God’s original plan to reveal man for His glory.

“The vehicle that brought you into this world is for a reason well known to God. Your race, the abuse or pampering you endured or enjoyed growing up are just part of the story. They should not hinder you, you should instead let them spur you to achieve. They are all vehicles and they all have their reasons and roles they play in you getting revealed for the world to see.”

PT, as Pastor Tobi is fondly called, urged people to honour the vehicle that brought them into this life stressing that God has a purpose for bringing everyone through the particular vehicle that they came with.

. He referred to these vehicles as disguised vehicles that have nothing to do with God’s plan for our lives adding  parents who are these vehicles should be both honoured and respected, not one without the other.

“What you should not do is to stay too long in the vehicle that brought you because you can stay in that vehicle and not fulfil God’s plan for your life. Do not limit yourself to the vehicle that brought you to the world.”

He further said that one should not expect a smooth sail after choosing to board a vehicle that is different from that which brought him or her to the world because it is not devoid of its own challenges.

Pastor Tobi said we must realize that these challenges are the  ‘genesis’ God uses to lead us to our ‘revelation’.


Telling people to have a mind shift, the Global Lead Pastor hammered on the fact that whatever happens to man is for the work of God to be revealed

“It is not every disappointment that means you are under a curse. It is sometimes meant to happen because it is part of the journey to your revelation.”

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