July 23, 2024


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SPAC Nation London Counsels African Youths On Greatness

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Olusakin Babalola, Ibadan.
African youths have been counselled to break free from the chains of smallness because every one created by God is destined for greatness and they should get their visions right.
The Global lead Pastor of SPAC Nations London,Pastor Tobi Adegboyega gave this admonition during their house party service  which was beamed life on U Tube and other social media.
Earlier,two Senior Pastors of the Church,Pastors Sam Akhokia and Dami Balogun had held discussions on destiny fulfilment, vision,leadership and related topics with family heads of the ministry with rapt attention by members.
The Global Lead pastor said that individuals needed to  have visions which would make them to be disciplined and ultimately lead them to the path of destiny fulfilment adding that ‘vision is everything and it is vision that makes us refrain from living recklessly.”

He used that opportunity to charge Africans to look beyond natural resources and become visionary stressing that if natural resources were to be the yardstick, Africa would be the world leader but the lack of visionary leadership has been the bane of destiny fulfilment for a continent  to be blessed.
.“The risks we take in Africa are mostly not aligned with vision. There is no success without failure, no light without darkness. It is my desire, and I daresay, God’s desire, that we should open our minds and let vision drive the continent to fulfill potential”.
Pastor Tobi Adegboyega who arrived in the United Kingdom in 2005 said  that he has been able to lead the Nation Family to achieve so much because they determined to fulfilled destiny by creating visions that keep driving them on.
He said that that was why he could boldly say the SPAC Nation Family is succeeding..
“The Nation family prides itself on being successful because we have been able to change many lives and give them better alternatives that have made them useful for themselves and their community.
“We are firmly grounded in the word, and that is why you see our services look more like a celebration. We give a lot of time to the word in the course of the week. An example is the Word Explosion which is currently ongoing.”
Asked if the Church should preach success? PT said it is God and not the Church that started preaching success stressing success is vital.The definition of success is relative and varies from human to human. Success is vital but it does not have to be defined for one individual based on another’s opinion.
 You should not allow anyone to project their definition of success on you. Success is something that touches the lives of other people. I’m successful because I have something that makes me happy from the inside of me.”
The Nigerian-born Pastor also responded to criticism that The Nation Family does not operate like a Church. He said God did not start any Church, stating that people saw Church from their own angles and opinions, and not God’s view.
He stated further that many Churches are products of religious constructs which is not attributed to God. You can be a Church without having individual relationships with God and that is just the meaningless activity of following religious rituals.
“”God did not start any religion. In fact, most of the religions we see and talk about today were started by Abraham. That does not however argue the fact that Jesus is the way. It is a non-negotiable fact, and facts are real and sacred.”he added.

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