July 9, 2024


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Be The Light In An Imperfect World, SPAC Nation Lead Pastor Charges ‘National’s

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Mojisola Lawal

A true believer is expected to join others in the family of Christ to make sure that an imperfect world gradually gets taken over by those who are determined to make it perfect the right way.

This submission was made by Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, the Global Lead Pastor of SPAC Nation, a Pentecostal ministry that is also known as The Nxtion Family.

The extraordinary teacher of the word was ministering during the Social Mountain – Tech Mountain service of the Church which was beamed via Youtube and other social media channels.

Pastor Tobi said there must be a difference in our approach to Christianity in the new world that we inhabit. According to him, there is a lot of conformism by Churches nowadays which unfortunately is not what Jesus was about.

“Jesus was not liked in His day because He was a non-conformist by Jewish standards. The word ‘church’ actually originated from Jesus. The buildings we now call church was referred to as synagogue or temple. The words ‘church’ and ‘ecclesia’ did not originate from religion, they originated from Christ. Your Ecclesia should be a community of believers who are connected to the same source, Christ!”

PT who has been in ministry since his early twenties pointed out that every family in SPAC Nation and The Nxtion Family is an ecclesia that should be looked out for by fellow ‘nationals’.

“When you get to a new city, you look out for people that are like you, the nationals. Every family in SPAC Nation/Nxtion Family is an Ecclesia. It is the ecclesia that Jesus was referring to when He said He would be in the midst of two or three people who are gathered in His name. So it goes to say where two or three can gather in any endeavour of life, they can take over that aspect.”

Pastor Tobi charged ‘Nationals’ to affirm to themselves on a regular basis that “I will make the world better in my own little way”. He added that whatever an individual owns in life is to bring perfection to the world because there is so much imperfection around.

“As a billionaire, your work is to help those who aspire to be like you and make them see the nothingness and imperfection in the whole thing. When they see how meaningless being a billionaire is, they will be led back to God.”

PT impressed it that resilience is needed in achieving perfection. He explained that individuals need to be resilient as they chase after what God wants for them, adding that part of being resilient is knowing and understanding that things sometimes happen in a way that is different from what is desired.

“Every problem we face is to let us understand that there is no perfection around us. That we should go after being the solution to these problems. The world is not perfect yet, it is waiting for you to come add something in the bid to make it better. The perfect world you think you see on social media is just a fallacy. We must have absolute commitment and resilience to create. Your resilience should be based on knowing that you have to create perfection from an imperfect world.”

PT emphasized that The Nxtion Family community is God’s dimension on earth and that is why our giving is getting on a different dimension.

“We are not just a funky Church that is set to help our community. We preach the gospel of Jesus and we want to lead as many as possible to Him so that we can take nations for Christ.”

The highlight of the service was the distribution of different tech gadgets to different subscribers across the world to be able to access The Nxtion Family services as is now done. The Nxtion Family is very visible across social media channels such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“A simple google search will lead you to our handles across all these social media and you will be glad you did. God bless you!”

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