July 11, 2024


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Walking With God Is Impossible Without Intimate Relationship, Pastor Tobi Tells Christians

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Mojisola Lawal

Intimacy with God within the confines of ‘Eden’ is far more important than anything else a believer may desire.

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, the Global Lead Pastor of SPAC Nation made this submission in his sermon during the service of the ministry themed Beloved.

Quoting copiously from the Songs of Solomon 6:2 among other scripture passages, Pastor Tobi explained that there is a need for man to understand his walk with God, something which is impossible without an intimate relationship.

According to him, there is a general misconception about the Songs of Solomon passing erotic message when all it actually speaks about is the love of God for man in an intimate relationship.

PT pointed out that what comes first in man’s relationship with God is intimacy, adding that whatever man will be in his walk with God will be checked in relation to the intimacy they share.

“Intimacy and obedience go hand in hand. Obedience demonstrates love. All Adam needed to do to show that he loved God was obey which he did till the fall changed things. With a loss of intimacy, Adam had to start hustling. Prior to the fall, he had animals and all other things at his beck and call. There was no need to hunt or struggle for anything.”

Breaking the topic down for more understanding, Pastor Tobi said the sustaining life of Adam was that intimate evening walk with God which he lost the moment he ate the forbidden fruit.

“Another example of intimacy with God is Moses. They were so close that God spoke in Moses’ ears. It was that intimacy that Moses leveraged on in Numbers 12:8 when he appealed that God should not come down hard on the Israelites after thoughtlessly sinning.”

Pastor Tobi made it known that intimacy with God births purpose, adding that anyone who can be close to God enough to hear from Him clearly will be able to take fields, mountains and nations for Him.”

Challenging believers, the Pastor who has been in ministry since his 20s said they should be wary of being in a barren relationship with God. According to him, any intimate relationship that does not reproduce is said to be unfruitful and is possible between God and man.

“If you have been saved, nothing should stop you from rising up for the salvation of others. That makes your intimate relationship with God fruitful enough as there are new children of God birthed through you”

PT went further to say any relationship with God that is outside of His commands is invalid and cannot be called intimate because it is not located in the Garden of Eden.

“When there was intimacy, God and Adam met in Eden. The moment Adam disobeyed, their relationship lost its intimacy and the Garden was locked. If you are going to remain in a relationship with God, you have to remain in Eden.
Whatever you do, you should remain in Eden”

He charged people who were listening or watching and were yet to find their way to ‘Eden’ to do so without delay, while encouraging them to join The Nxtion Family which he said could be the representation of Eden for them.

“In the Nxtion family which is also known as SPAC Nation, we have the kind of intimacy John had with Jesus and can boldly call ourselves ‘the disciple Jesus love’ because we are in a uniquely intimate relationship with Christ.”

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