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SPAC Ordained Ministers, Celebrates G.O’s Wife Birthday

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Mojisola Lawal

Ministers who are called for the service of God by ordination have been counselled to resist the temptation of seeing their elevation as an opportunity for ego boosting in their churches but a call for quality service to God.

This advice was given during a birthday party to mark the 74th birthday ceremony of Pastor C.A. Adegboyega, wife of the General Overseer of the Salvation Proclaimers Anointed Church Sango Ibadan,Oyo State.

The celebrant, Pastor C.A. Adegboyega and her husband who is the G.O of Salvation Proclaimers Anointed Church (SPAC), Prophet S.A. Adegboyega surrounded by members of the Pastorate

Speaking during the occasion, Reverend Dapo Adegboyega who is one of the celebrant’s charged workers in God’s vineyard not to regard their titles as an opportunity for spiritual pride.

He said “You are called, you are justified and you are glorified but you cannot be justified until you sincerely heed the call. You are to perfectly discharge the  duties to which you were assigned.”

“If you refuse to join any arm of workers in the Church vineyard, it is an abuse of your ordination and a waste of resources. Remember those who were given talents by Jesus Christ and those who wisely invested theirs as well as the one who buried his own.”

“You were not ordained by accident.God approved your ordination.If you have mistakenly messed it up, sit down under the man of God who anointed you and you will be forgiven and reconciled with God.”

He advised those who felt they were not assigned any duty to pray and look for what they could get doing for the Lord, adding that no one should be in Church doing nothing for God.

Stressing that God operates in seasons and times and is not outdated, Rev.Dapo urged the workers to catch up with God by daily studying the Scriptures and involving in aggressive prayers.

The celebrant also thanked God for his mercy over her life and pledged to serve him till the end of her life, adding “it profits no one to struggle in this life and lose one’s soul to hell.”

Appreciating those at the party, Mama Adegboyega as she’s called by many disclosed that she was from polygamous family with its attendant challenges.

“It was the grace and mercy of God as well as patience, prayer, tolerance and faith in God that made me weather the storm.The same God that fought for me is also there for you.”

Evangelist Sola Babalola, wife of the Editor of Oodua News Newspaper, Elder Olusakin  Babalola thanked God for the life of the celebrant who she described as an embodiment of humility, philanthropy and piety, adding “she is a role model in the community.”

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