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Why God Allows Problems In Our Lives, Pastor Tobi

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Mojisola Lawal

A call has gone to believers across all walks of life to stay still and allow God to build them into what fits into His divine purpose for them, as that was the only way they can be what He wants them to be.

This admonition was given by the Global Lead Pastor of London-based Pentecostal ministry, The Nxtion Family, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega while ministering during the service titled ‘Builders’.

SPAC Lead Pastor, Tobi Adegboyega

Pastor Tobi who has been in the business of building people and ministries for God for more than fifteen years said all that we are called to do in the body of Christ is to serve, and that is impossible without building or being built.

“Paul called himself a wise master builder because he understood his assignment in building people. You are God’s building and you are also called to build others into what God wants them to be.”

Quoting copiously from different parts of the Scriptures which included 1 Corinthians 3, Romans 9:6-16 and Romans 8:28-29, PT explained that even the worst materials still result in the best of buildings when the master builder is involved.

“When such structures are subject to test, they stand firm because they are products of the master builder. You should therefore not be after the acceptability of your building by men but by the master builder Himself who will subject everything we build to His standards.”

The charismatic preacher of the word encouraged the congregation to see any problem they face in life as part of the building process because that is how they will discover the principles needed to solve all problems.

“God makes problems come into our lives so that we can understand the principles of solving them. Without these challenges, we will not allow ourselves to be built or build others too. It is these problems that give us the pattern with which to build.”

Explaining that point, he said Bible people like David, Jacob and Paul all needed challenges to remain grounded and be built into what God wanted them to be. He added that pattern is everything a builder needs to work with.

“As believers, we are God’s field, and He works in all fields and things! All the emotions, feelings, drive you feel are seasonal so don’t make permanent decisions based on these temporal things. That something bad happens to you is not a reason to stop building. God is aware and would have prepared you ahead of the occurrence.”

PT also said some people are in our lives to help our building process, noting that if Esau was missing, there would be no Jacob. They are both parts of the same building and one would not have made the building of the other complete.

“Without persecution from Esau, Jacob would not be built. Same goes for Moses and Pharaoh as well as David and Saul. You cannot have the purpose of election without persecution. God raised the mighty because of the weak.”

Maintaining that the building process entails many unfriendly situations, Pastor Tobi urged believers to focus on the end result of the building process.

“Our problems shape us into becoming what God has pre-planned. Our rejections are part of God’s grand plan many times. We cannot go in a way that does not fit into what His divine plans are. Rejection is a manoeuvring plan from God and it happens as long as you are in God’s building site for your life.”

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