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Make God Model For Your Life, Pastor Tobi Charges Christians

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Mojisola Lawal

BELIEVERS have been charged to access the fatherhood that being of God offers as that is the only way they can key into the benefits of belonging to Him.

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, the Global Lead Pastor of SPAC Nation, the United Kingdom’s fastest growing Pentecostal ministry, gave this advice while speaking during the sermon titled ‘Time’.

According to the astute preacher of the word, man’s life has to be built after God’s pattern and this was only possible if man takes advantage of what God offers which is fatherhood.

SPAC Lead Pastor, Tobi Adegboyega

PT said it is in being sons of the father that we can draw all that we need to journey through life.

“When we call people father, we are accessing what they have. In the spiritual, it is what they have to offer. Fatherhood is authority. Because of Abraham’s access to God’s fatherhood, he was not limited in anything.”

Quoting from different scriptures which included 2 Corinthians 7:1 and Revelation 21 among others, Pastor Tobi explained that God is regularly on the lookout for the right people and He would not rest until those ones find their ways to Him.

The preacher who has been in the ministry since his early twenties. 0 advised believers to desist from seeing God as their survival king, adding that we need him beyond just going through life.

“God goes way beyond you seeing a magician who you would run to whenever you get to a dead end in your journey of life. He is your father and you must learn to access the benefits of sonship.”

SPeaking further, he charged the congregation to pattern their lives after the plan God has for them because that is the only way they can escape the second death.

“Anyone who comes to this world and does nothing as designed for him/her by God automatically makes himself available for the second death because being alive alone leads to the first death.

The life you have today is the seed for eternal life. All that we amass on earth leads to death instead of life. As long as all you have is not deployed to change lives, it is meaningless and will lead to death.”

PT explained that the concept of second death is not just about being in the lake of fire alone stressing ” people who live insignificant  lives are already in more torment than what the heat we have been at the end of time will bring.

Encouraging believers to stay in God, PT charged them to stay grounded in God even when it seems like they are experiencing delay in life.

“Everything in life is about time. That rime when you encounter delay is when God is building something. Your sacrifice is what tells the time in your life. You get to a stage of life and ask what is next. Wait till the sacrifice tells you what to do so as not to do the wrong thing. Remember that Joseph was led to Egypt in fetters but he became the light of the country.”

He explained that for Joseph to become what he was purposed to be, time had to align for him and he was rid of the garment place d on him by his father before being re-presented.

According to Pastor Tobi, nothing could stop Joseph when the right time came because he was already enjoying the benefits of having God as his father and his time to manifest and fulfil purpose to build nations had come.

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